Writer :  Iravati Karnik
Director :  Advait Dadarkar, Ranjit Patil
Cast :  Priya Bapat, Umesh Kamat, Aashutosh Gokhale, Pallavi Ajay


By MTG editorial

It has been almost three years since Samar and Radha got divorced. They believe they have moved on. Both are in new relationships and thriving professionally. They're even on the verge of selling a shared piece of land, after which they can acquire a sizeable chunk of money. Life is good... until they run into each other at a resort in Alibaug.

Suddenly confronted by their new circumstances, all sense of stability gets thrown out of the window, and chaos ensues. Long-forgotten wounds resurface, and old resentments erupt. A love-hate comedy unfolds as the past and the present collide, completely changing their future.

The play examines what closure may look like after meaningful relationships end. It delves into what informs one's sense of identity and engages with ideas of friendship, love, and happiness in today's complicated reality.

Written by Irawati Karnik and Directed by Adwait Dadarkar and Ranjit Patil, the play is performed by Priya Bapat and Umesh Kamat, first-rate performers and people's favorites. Supporting them are the talented and proficient Ashutosh Gokhale and Pallavi Patil. While being a laugh riot, the play is also guaranteed to touch your heart.

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   JAR TAR CHI GOSHTA Play Schedule(s)
 5:30 PM, Sun, April 21 Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, Pune (map link)
 4:15 PM, Thu, April 25 Dinanath Natyagriha, Mumbai (map link)
 9:30 PM, Fri, April 26 Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruha, Pune (map link)
 9:30 PM, Sat, April 27 Sant Eknath Natya Mandir, Aurangabad (map link)
 5:30 PM, Sun, April 28 Mahakavi Kalidas Kala Mandir, Nashik (map link)
 8:30 PM, Wed, May 1 Dr Kashinath Ghanekar Sabhagruha, Mumbai (map link)
 4:15 PM, Sun, May 5 Prabodhankar Thackrey Auditorium, Mumbai (map link)

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