Writer :  Vipul Mahagaonkar
Director :  Vipul Mahagaonkar
Cast :  Chandrashekar Gokhale, Prasad Sawant, Ujwal Mantri, Rohit Mane, Rohit Khude, Kalyani Pathare and Narendra Mathura


By MTG editorial

The play opens with Inspector Bhagwat interrogating the Maniac on the third floor of the police station. The Maniac constantly outsmarts the dim-witted Bhagwat and, when Bhagwat leaves the room, intercepts a phone call from Inspector Phadke. The phone call lets the Maniac know that a judge is due at the police station to investigate the interrogation and death of the anarchist. The Maniac decides to impersonate the judge, and successfully does so. He gets the police to re-enact the events, in the actual fourth floor room, and also involves Kalyani, a journalist, who is trying to probe the events. The play has two alternative endings. The Maniac leaves it up to the audience to decide which one they prefer.

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