Written and Directed :  Bhushan Korgaonkar
Cast :  Pushpa Satarkar, Gauri Jadhav, Shraddha Nagarkar, Latabai Waikar, Chandrakant Lakhe, Vinayak Javale, Sumit Kudalkar and Shakuntalabai Nagarkar Along with Anita Date, Sambhaji Sasane


By MTG editorial

Love & Lavani follows the real-life love story of Lavani Queen Shabana Ashturkar who belongs to a matriarchal dancing community. The play celebrates love in many of its avatars and showcases live Lavani performances by traditional Sangeet Bari artists. This is our continuing effort at creating a platform for the Lavani woman to tell us her story. Narratives and dialogues are in Hindi and Dakhani. Songs are in Marathi and Hindi.
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