Director :  Vijay Kekare
Cast :  Vijay Kenkre, Aastad Kale, Aditi Sarangdhar


By MTG editorial

A chance meeting brings Hrishab and Rashmi together. and at first their conversation at Hrishab 's house seems innocent. Gradually the clues to the truth assemble it is not Hrishab 's house at all: he engineered their meeting; he knows all about Rashmi's marriage to the violent, unsavoury Shantanu -and he wants Shantanu dead, for reasons of his own. Surprisingly, Rashmi is happy to collude with Hrishab in this plan, but then she isn't all she originally appears to be either. By degrees, the two conspirators reveal more and more of their true identities and the crimes and violence that have Jinked them in the past. The encounter becomes combative; each in turn is handcuffed and threatened, each alternates between being predator and prey ... Twist after unexpected twist leads Killing Time, this clever and challenging thriller for a cast of two, to a gripping conclusion.
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 5:00 PM, Sun, July 14 Anna Bhau Sathe Auditorium, Pune (map link)
 9:30 PM, Sun, July 14 Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, Pune (map link)

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