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Cast : Prasad Barve, Amruta Deshmukh, Sankarshan Karhade,


Every married couple has differences, differences of opinion among themselves. Their natures are different. Whether it is a love marriage or a marriage made on Kande-Pohe refreshment.

This contradiction of nature between the couples is a problem and equally the fun of life. But in all, family life is like a running theatrical drama.. every day of life is like a different performance.

The couple Aniket and Amrita, in the play, “Niyam Wa Ati Lagu” (Terms & Conditions Apply), who got married 4/5 years ago, fit perfectly in all the setup.

Aniket, who is a software engineer.. has started taking Amrita for granted, as she has voluntarily quit her job to give priority to the family. In the busy routine of work, Aniket didn’t realize this. Now, in the micro family of only two, Amrita has started to take out all of her anger of loneliness on Aniket.

But not anyone is wrong in the family world. To hear Applause, two hands are required to be together. But both of them do not realize this while expecting applause in their life.

At such a time, there is a need for support and a mediator. And nowadays people go to counselors to make their life happy.. to find the golden equilibrium.

But, finding a remedy for one problem….. may lead to many. Such are the consequences of family life. The same happened with Aniket and Amrita.

The terms and conditions set for them by the counselor are so strict .. that they both realize that the world before the counselor was tolerable .. and the rift between husband and wife is solved by themselves .. and that is the story of this play.

In this drama, you may see your family, and your life.. and if there are problems to resolve in your life, you will definitely find the answer...

   NIYAM V ATI LAGU Play Schedule(s)
 5:30 pm, Fri, March 8 Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune (map link)
 8:30 pm, Sat, March 9 Acharya Atre Natya Rangmandir, Mumbai (map link)
 8:00 pm, Mon, March 11 Dinanath Natyagriha, Mumbai (map link)
 4:00 pm, Tue, March 12 Prabodhankar Thackrey Auditorium, Mumbai (map link)
 5:00 pm, Sat, March 16 Anna Bhau Sathe Auditorium, Pune (map link)

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