Director :  Vijay Kenkre
Cast :  Dilip Prabhavalkar & Vijay Kenkre


By MTG editorial

A long flight to Paris with nothing to do prompts Tatyasaheb to draft a letter to his friend Madhavrao, back in Mumbai. Thus begins a to-and-fro of handwritten letters between the two friends. The letters themselves are hilarious on account of the unassuming innocence of the two friends, trying to make sense of the changing times around them in their own old-fashioned manner.

Playwright Dilip Prabhavalkar inhabits the world of Tatyasaheb and Madhavrao with funny occurrences and interesting characters, no less intricate than a Mario Miranda cartoon. At times it is tongue-in-cheek, at times poignant while also making a statement on the absurdity of herd mentality. But in the end, it really is a sweet story of aging friends coping with change.

The play is designed to be a combination of dramatised reading and performance. The characters and their world are brought to life by two actors and the set around them.

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   PATRA PATRI Play Schedule(s)
 4:00 PM, Sat, June 15 NCPA Experimental Theatre, Mumbai (map link)
 7:30 PM, Sat, June 15 NCPA Experimental Theatre, Mumbai (map link)

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