Sathecha Kaay Karayacha!
Writer :  Rajeev Naik
Director :  Sandesh Kulkarni
Cast :  Nikhil Ratnaparkhi & Amruta Shubhash

Sathecha Kaay Karayacha!

By MTG editorial

Abhay (Nikhil Ratnaparkhi) runs an Advertising Agency, while Salma (Amruta Subhash) is a lecturer of English Literature in a college. They are married to each other and living in Mumbai… so far so good. But Abhay suffers from a chronic problem. He is frustrated by the success of ‘Mr. Sathe’. Sathe is into Filmmaking and according to Abhay does not deserve the recognition he has acquired. Abhay keeps on competing, comparing himself with Sathe and falling short, gets trapped into a vicious circle of self-torturing jealousy.

He is cynical about Sathe’s success and vents his acidic feelings whenever he is alone with Salma. Talking with Salma is the only outlet to his frustration. Salma tries to pacify Abhay sometimes by love, sometimes by setting an example by her own behavior. She even steps into a debate, confronts him, contradicts him and tries to pull him off his slippery path. At times, she even sets her wishes aside to understand him. Salma who wants to live a clean and peaceful life wants Abhay to do the same by accepting his own limitations and stop cribbing about them. She also has her own set of problems buy she gets over them and wants Abhay to do the same. This play’s form emerges as an on-going dialogue between the two. It is a circular dialogue between two tendencies, between two ways of living life. In each scene and also at the end of the play, a cycle gets completed and a new one begins.

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