38 KRUSHNA VILLA Play Review

Pradnya Ganla

Direction : Vijay Kenkre
Writer : Dr. Shweta Pendse
Cast : Dr. Girish Oak, Dr. Shweta Pendse


Marathi play, 38 KRISHNA VILLA, revolves around a literature centric theme which is a very rare scenario though drama itself is a kind of literature. Also, it contains a shade of mystery.

The Government of India has announced its highest 'Akshar-Ratna' award for literature to Devdutta Kamat (Dr. Girish Oak), a veteran Marathi writer. When the play opens, he is waiting for Nandini Chitre (Dr. Shweta Pendse), an unknown woman, who has sent him a notice asking him to refuse the award. In the actual meeting she repeatedly asks him to do so and claims that the literature written by Kamat with a pen name 'Yaksha' is not originally written by him but by her husband Mohan Chitre. Astonished by her claim, Devdutta Kamat tries to investigate the root cause of her belief and how she is going to prove it in the court. In the course of argument, Nandini tells Kamat that except his first novel, all of his remaining works portray the experiences from her as well as her husband's life.

Kamat replies to her with all the proofs like manuscripts, letters from fans pointing out similarities in his books and their lives, copyrights act and many more things. Still, Nandini keeps on arguing. He points out that Mohan Chitre himself is aloof from the matter. The audience also doubts Nadini's mental health. Then at a point Kamat is successful in proving his point. Nandini backs out; but, then? The mystery is revealed.

This play is written by Dr. Shweta Pendse, who is also playing the lead character of Nandini. As a writer she deserves compliments for choosing a different subject and experimenting with many play building norms. Though in the second act, many questions arise in the flow and remain unanswered. As Nandini, she has successfully displayed all the shades, ups and downs of the character very naturally.

Senior actor Girish Oak has done full justice to the character of Devdutta Kamat. He has flaunted the writer's body language, expertise very well. This one is his noticeable 50th commercial Marathi play.

Vijay Kenkre has tried to maintain the tempo with movements, the emphasis on the spoken word and well-handled emotional drama of the second act along with the first act's shade of mystery. The technical support and production values are good. The set of villa done by Santosh Bendre is noteworthy.

*Pradnya Ganla is a multimedia professional and an author who is trained in voice-over and theatre. Her fiction writing is available here:

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