BHINDI Play Review

Tarun Agarwal

Written and Directed : Debanshu Shekhar
Cast : Ela Shukla, Khushi Maheshwari, Peeyush Sharma, Pinky Gandhi, Anurag Toppo

 BHINDI Review

There are many things that make BHINDI much above average. The story, screenplay, dialogues are aptly done with hardly much scope for improvement. The writing has been done with technical accuracy. It may not arouse deep emotions but it certainly engages you very well. The actors have been blended well into their characters.

In a play, in which all characters are well-developed, the focus is on Roopali (Ela Shukla). She is a woman, whose husband has been dead for a decade. She lives with her son and his family. She is fond of cricket and watches it a lot. She loves a fish that they have at home and this pet is her escape from the feeling of being alone. One day, her young neighbour (Pinky Gandhi) introduces her to a dating app. She befriends a man, Bhaskar (Anurag Toppo), who is of a similar age profile and is separated from his wife. They meet and have conversations. Peeyush Sharma plays Suraj, Roopali's son. Khushi Maheshwari plays Pooja, Roopali's daughter-in-law. The hard work of the actors is visible with all of them performing their roles well.

The play highlights modern day issues. Amongst the areas of improvements, we can say that the age group to which all the cast members belong is limited. Perhaps, casting a kid and a person who is an actual senior citizen can help in increasing the popularity of the play. The title could be enhanced in a way that it could attract the audience it deserves.

The neatness of the sets reflects the backdrop of the story well. The background music is replaced by cricket commentary and is an interesting experiment. All in all, this play is suitable for anyone who is looking for contemporary, meaningful entertainment.

(Tarun Agarwal is the author of a book, Hope Factory)

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