BULLSH**T JOBS Play Review

Richa Das

Direction : Akriti Singh
Writer : Akriti Singh and Shaurya Agarwal
Cast : Avinash, Raghav and Pratik and Akriti


The title of Akriti Singh's play- BULLSH**T JOBSâ€"evokes uproarious laughter. It chronicles the stories of three corporate men on their way upwards in a lift. A curious and bored lift hostess decides to toy with their time and stops the lift abruptly. The events that unfold are hilarious and a shocking reminder of how mundane and suffocating a corporate life can be. The play interrogates our ambition, a constant reminder that the path "upwards" can also bring us down. The cast brings out the futility of ambition through impeccable physical humor.

The premise of the play is simple - three men at the top of corporate hierarchy looking to climb the steep hill ahead, where they compete with each other to get the top post. The man of the hour is the boss - who has the unique ability to spin any sentence into Jabberwocky-esque buffoonery, just because he can. It was enjoyable to watch the play in the heart of Mumbai's corporate world - at once it was evident that each one of us in the room had experienced "managers" - a force of nature unlike any other.

As Akriti Singh commented. "How is it that despite automation, we as a species have more 'wor' now than our ancestors? Are we 'inventing' work? What is everyone so busy doing? These were the kinds of questions that kept popping up in our conversations - my co-writer Shaurya Agarwal and I were very intrigued by the absurdity of this situation. What became the play is a collection of our experiences, readings of a few essays about the critique of modern economics and observations. The very sad situation of our times lends itself wonderfully to the making of a comedy."

All the actors have had corporate stints in the past, and were able to bring their own experiences into the play, which is at its heart, a criticism of corporate hierarchy from the perspective of the bottom-most members, like the lift hostess.

The play resembled the writers views on life - augmented with funny dialogue and fantastical scenes. The themes hit too close to home and yet, how merry to have a laugh that can console us!

*Richa Das is a sub-editor by day and an avid theatre enthusiast by night. You may find her lurking in the shadows of a proscenium arch near you!

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