Dayashankar Ki Diary
Direction : 
Starring : 
Nadira Zaheer Babbar
Ashish Vidyarthi

Purva Desai

Darkness settles like dust on the floor. In this protozoan existence of ours, reality plays a little game with us. Often, the human mind descends into hallucinations. Fantasy becomes a sugar coating to our bitter sides. And sometimes reality just makes up our minds for us. Dayshankar Ki Diary sums up the Freudian belief that “ a man lives as much inside his mind as outside”. Dayashankar lives in a self-created world, where his dreams are all he has. Dayashankar Ki Diary traces the downfall of a man who is Victim to his own desires. Hailing from a small town, he Dreams the big dream, of becoming a film star. A clerical job, life in a small room, becomes unacceptable to Dayashankar.

And he finds himself imprisoned by his thoughts. Dayashankar begins to realize that the life he dreams is unreal and that unreality is becoming even more real. City life does that to everyone. Rejections, Humiliation are part and parcel of city life. But Dayshankar is a man who cannot cope with reality. He lets the bitterness engulf him. His need to create an alternative world consumes him whole. DayaShankar Ki Diary is a dramatized memoir of a man who begins to weave his web of disillusionment. The end is tragic because he brings about his own downfall. What we see on stage is the way man brings about his own destruction, barely knowing when to stop.

Ashish Vidyarthi as Dayashankar has our full attention. Going by the audience reaction, this play left its impact on everyone in at least some small way. And one cannot imagine Ashish Vidyarthi as anyone else except Dayshankar. In fascination we see the way the story of a man takes shape and is moulded into something concrete. The body movements, the facial expressions, the emotions conveyed make the character more real than imagined. In the end, we ask ourselves whose story is it? And the answer leaves us unnerved.

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