Tarun Agarwal

Written and Directed : Pawan Uttam
Cast : Mona Ambegaonkar, Pavitra Sarkar, Manoj Cherian, Mansi Sehgal, Shruti Jasani, Snigdhadeep Chattarjee, Dr.Sarmista Dhar, Kamran Khan, Komal, Prathmesh Atre, Jaya Singh, Kumar Amlendu, Sanchit Malhotra & Varenyam


A fleet of crows dance to music, hold discussions amongst each other, observe human beings, and try to make sense of the world around them. With all the crows wearing an elaborate costume, the play is targeted towards children. The Natya Samrat Foundation production has been mounted well in terms of set design, music, lights and costumes.

There are many reasons that make KALLU KALLAN KALIYA a worthwhile effort. The costumes adorned by the actors help the play begin with a bang. The music being played live also makes the play colourful. The sets are also designed with laborious thought. However, the play suffers from a lack of an engaging storyline. A lot of work will need to be done on the writing to make the next editions of the play interesting.

A few actors in the play stand out. Mona Ambegaonkar and Pavitra Sarkar surprise you with the ease they have performed their physically demanding roles. The writing gives inadequate opportunity for the actors to perform emotionally rich scenes and dialogues.

The concept and the production values show that this play is worth being worked upon. Kudos to Vivek Jadhav for the set design and Pavitra Sarkar for the convincing and impactful costumes. The music by Pawan Uttam and Rohit Das gives the play a lively feel. The second half of the play engages the audience in the plot. Human emotions are at display in some of these moments. This shows the potential of the play.

(Tarun Agarwal is the author of a book, Hope Factory)

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