Pradnya Ganla

Direction : Sandesh Kulkarni
Writer : Sandesh Kulkarni
Cast : Sandesh Kulkarni, Amruta Subhash, Amit Phalke, Ashutosh Gaikwad


All of us carry the burden of the past and worries about tomorrow on our shoulders each single day. Being busy carrying this burden, we just forget to live in the present moment where the actual life is taking place. Thus, our past memories, experiences and future plans affect our current life.

The audience comes across this universal human truth while watching the freshly revived Marathi Play 'PUNASHCHA HONEYMOON'. Suhas Deshpande (Sandesh Kulkarni), a writer and his TV anchor wife Sukanya (Amruta Subhash) are revisiting their honeymoon destination Hotel Dreamland at Matheran for the marriage anniversary celebration.

The play opens on the note that they have lost their way and are struggling to reach the destination. Eventually they reach the hotel. Basically, Sukanya wants to refresh their relationship. She is stuck into her busy work schedule and needs a break and time to rejuvenate the bond. She also wants Suhas to relax-- he is stuck in the past and currently taking psychotherapy for his problems. Suhas had written his award-winning first novel at their honeymoon, but after that he is unable to complete any of his work.

Now, on this revisit Sukanya wants the exact same arrangements like in the past. Still, as that particular suite is unavailable despite prior booking, the manager (Amit Phalke) offers them another suite for the night and they don't have an option but to adjust. After check-in, they find the suite resembling their flat in Mumbai.

From this point onwards the past and present events start melting into each other and thr play moves on depicting the current deep- rooted problems of the couple, like lack of communication, non-availability to each other due to busy schedule, differences of opinion on some practical issues and many more. This game of past and present under the burden of wishjnf for a fruitful life ahead, is played interestingly on various levels. This second honeymoon provides a breakthrough for many of the couple's problems.

The play deals with the tension faced by modern-day urban couples. It also deals with the writer's journey; how a creative person may dig into his/her own subconscious mind for references and the concept of 'Writer's Block', etc. Also, we can witness the inter-connection of human psychology, our childhood memories and our process of linking our information throughout the drama.

This play was written by Sandesh Kulkarni a few years ago, now he has re-written it after a time gap. He has done many small and important alterations according to changing times and has increased his vision as a writer from the original play. The writing has become more meaningful, deep, and intense and handles various forms and layers easily.

The writer indicates more potential in the subject towards the end of the play. So, we can expect one more version in the future.

Director Sandesh Kulkarni has done justice to the writing. The different layers and different times are portrayed clearly without any confusion. He has done a good job as a lead actor also. Amruta Subhash has played her part wit heart. Sukanya's several emotional states, her struggle to revive her relationship, and care for the husband; everything is very well performed by her. Amit Phalke and Ashutosh Gaikwad have supported well in various roles. Production values are good; especially the set design by Meera Velankar needs to be mentioned.

*Pradnya Ganla is a multimedia professional and an author who is trained in voice-over and theatre. Her fiction writing is available here:

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