Miti Bhavik Shah

Direction : Shaili Sathyu
Cast : Barkha Fatnani Nishna Mehta Atul Somkuwar Ritul Singh Ghanshyam Tiwari Gillo Theatre Repertory


Written, directed and performed by Barkha Fatnani and Purva Pathak Gillo Repertory Theatre does an amazing job spreading the message of love through their newest Hindi play for kids, STORY QUILT which comprises of two individual stories produced by Tanya Mahajan and Shaili Sathyu. Both the stories were published by Tulika publishers.

Performed and narrated by Barkha Fatnani, the first story is The Mountain That Loved A Bird, written by Alice McLerran. The story is set on an island where lives an isolated stone mountain with no life, water, soil or any visitors. One fine morning of the spring season a bird named Khushi came and sat on the mountain, which was delighted to see someone new and asked Khushi if she could stay with him forever. Khushi, however, declined saying she needs seeds, water and plants for her to make a nest but seeing the mountain’s eagerness, she promised that she would visit once every year during spring and after her, her daughter then her daughter would continue to visit. Years pass and each year the mountain would ask Khushi to stay, but she would refuse. After the 100th year the mountain became extremely sad and a river emerged in the form of tears. After a few years there were plants near the river and Khushi would bring a seed with her each year, after a few more years the mountain completely transformed and Khushi brought with her the first branch for her nest.

The second story, Ismat Ki Eid performed and narrated by Purva Pathak, is an adaptation of a Turkish tale by Fawzia Gilani-Williams. The story was first performed in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand thus including bits of Kumaoni in the play. Ismat is a shoe seller in his village. The day before Eid he visits a shop to buy gifts for his family. He gets bangles for his wife Yasemin, blue shawl for his mother, a coat for his daughter Maryam and white trousers for himself. When he returned home, he gave the gifts to his family which made them really happy. He asked one of them to cut his trousers for him as they were too big, the three ladies declined saying they have work. Ismat took the task on himself and altered his pants. The three ladies felt bad for Ismat and unknowingly all of them cut and altered the trousers one by one. On the day of Eid, they waited eagerly for Ismat to try on his trousers which were altered four times. On trying them out Ismat realised that his trousers had now become short pants; seeing this the family laughed together and then stitched the pants again for Eid.

Both the stories beautifully describe the importance of love to children. The enthusiasm and eagerness of the children during the play shows how well the actors Barkha Fatnani and Purva Pathak performed. They kept the young audience engaged with their interactive conversations in between and won their hearts with the live music as well as the live singing. The set and lighting were apt and went well with the storyline.

Overall, STORY QUILT is an adventure filled with colourful characters, catchy songs and is a treat for the young audience.

Miti Bhavik Shah is currently enrolled in a design program. Her lifelong passion for theatre, which began at the tender age of three, continues to significantly impact her life.

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