NCPA Summer Fiesta 2022 | NCPA Mumbai

May 1, 2022 - June 5, 2022
About NCPA Summer Fiesta 2022

Ah! Summer time; blue skies, cool drinks, holidays and the constant hum of children saying "I'm bored!"
We can't change the sky's colour or serve up cool drinks, but we can fix the "bored" part.

Welcome to the NCPA Summer Fiesta 2022!

The NCPA Summer Fiesta has been a staple tradition, providing arts and culture experiences for the young minds of Mumbai
during the holidays. It aims to promote the benefits and values of the performing arts not just by providing children with
entertainment but also engaging the young minds in high-quality workshops.

2022 Edition
Keeping with that tradition, the 2022 edition of the NCPA Summer Fiesta features a wide range of activities, across age
groups, helping young minds express themselves freely through various art forms and furthering their imagination - both
online and in-person.

For more details on all the fun and enriching experiences on offer this year, scroll down.

Theatre Performances for Children at the NCPA, Mumbai | The NCPA Summer Fiesta 2022

The NCPA Summer Fiesta 2022 has a host of plays that seek to educate and entertain. Choose from themes revolving around
Indian culture and heritage to children overcoming challenges that come their way.

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