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Veena Bakshi
Playwright, Director
[Hindi/English Theatre ]

Which is the last good play you saw and why?
PULLIJANMAM and CHILLARA SAMARAM both Malayalam plays. Have seen many plays after that but none as good.

Your favourite adda to see a play...
Prithvi and Balgandharva, Pune

Your favourite playwright...
PL Deshpande and Acharya Atre

Your favourite play character...
Kari Gurukkal from PULLIJANMAM

A play you would like to see filmed. Why?
Hmmm... none really. Cannot capture the same magic of stage

A novel/short story you would like to see on stage? Why?
MHAIS by PuLa. It is just so challenging to do and has the right elements for stage

The most hilarious play you have seen...

A play, which is over-hyped...
Most English plays in India

An important play (but ignored):

A play character you would like to "dialogue" with...

A passage from an important play that you can recite...
Can't... not that well versed with dialogues

A classical play that you should have read...

A play that changed your perception about the theatre....

How do you regard the Mumbai theatre scene?
Juvenile. Arrogant.

Have you read any interesting books/articles concerning the theatre? Why did you find them interesting?
Can't remember off hand

If you have ever been a part of a theatre production/s, can you recall an event that was insightful, significant or simply humorous?
That the producer never gives the director enough space to own a play unlike in film.

Can you think of a foreign production that you found remarkable? Why?
ROCKY HORROR SHOW. Loved the usage of the auditorium, the interaction with the audience and the innovative staging.

Your favourite director/actor/music or set designer...
Naseerduddin Shah. Can't say favourite, but definitely among the top. I am not very impressed with sets and music on Indian stage.

A significant Indian production that you may have witnessed.....

Life in the theatre without the humble batata-wada or the cutting chai... or can you recall the best gastronomic experience you've had in the precincts of the theatre to date?
None really. Theatres have pathetic food.
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