2 Month Weekend Theatre Acting Workshop for Hindi Commercial Play

From : 13/03/2016 To : 08/05/2016
Start time : 1:15 PM End time : 3:15 PM

Theatre Group : Galaxy Theatre & Acting Academy
Faculty : Vipul Patel
Venue : 1st Floor, Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan
Near Chandan Cinema, Near Juhu Circle/ JVPD Bus-stop, Andheri West,
Mumbai - 400049, Maharashtra, India

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The workshop will be conducted in three phases;
1. Rehearsals
2. Grand rehearsals
3. Final auditorium performance

The participants of the workshop will learn;
1. How to prepare yourself for a character
2. How to bring sensitivity & mood as per the situation
3. Use of property/ ies
4. Not merely performing, but, to perform along with lights & music
5. Stage performance skills

The workshop will give an opportunity of performing live in front of the audience; which will boost the confidence of an individual as an actor. Also, it will help to understand physical sensations around the emotional events & basic instinct of any character. This can make an actor's performance charismatic.

Our faculty has total 6 years of experience in Theatre & more than 2 years of experience as an Acting Faculty. He knows the minute details of the craft of teaching acting. As per him, Stage or theatre is an excellent starting medium for learning acting. He is, also, the Writer & Director of the play. The play was short-listed in a reputed One-act Play Competition organized in Mumbai. Then, the same play has been developed to the full-length.

1. Participants should have a prior experience of learning acting.
2. Participants should have a working knowledge of Hindi & English.
3. Participants are expected to be committed.

Theatre Workshop Fees : Rs 4650/-

Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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