3 Month Production Oriented Acting Workshop

From : 19/05/2018 To : 26/08/2018
Start time : 7:00 PM End time : 10:00 PM

Theatre Group : Pancham Theatre Group
Faculty : 
Venue : Lokhandwala
Andheri West
MUMBAI - 400053, Maharashtra, India

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Pancham Theatre Group invites entries for its upcoming acting workshop.

1. The duration of the workshop is 3 months.

2. The module will be spread over two session of three hour each per week for the first two months.

3. The classes will be conducted at a regular basis during the third month as the third month marks the beginning of the play production process.

4. The topics that will be covered during the first two months of the workshop are:

- Speech and Diction
- Voice Culture
- Movement
- Concentration
- Imagination
- Observation
- Trust building and Group Dynamics
- Sense Memory
- Different Techniques and Styles of Acting
- Navarasas
- Characterisation
- Improvisations
- Scene Building
- Discovering emotional points through breathing and meditation (revisiting
- Monologue Preparation and script Reading
- Personality and Grooming Session
- Film appreciation and discussion

5. Guest lectures will be delivered by faculties who specialize in the above domains.

6. The third month of the workshop will be dedicated to the production of the play where the students will undergo a rigorous rehearsal schedule where they get a chance to be a part of all the domains of the play production process and also to put to practice the things they learn during the first two months of the workshop module.

7. Casting assistance is given by way of conducting guest lectures delivered by Casting directors so as to familiarize the students with the process and put them in touch with casting directors.

8. The workshop will conclude in the production of a play and the students continue to be part of the group, be a part of the upcoming productions and projects after the workshop is completed.

9. To be a part of the workshop, you can get in touch with us

Team Pancham
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Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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