Acting and Theatre-Making

From : 08/07/2022 To : 25/09/2022
Start time : 8:00 AM End time : 12:00 PM

Theatre Group : Metamorphosis Theatre Inc
Faculty : 
Venue : St. Andrew's Centre for Philosophy and Performing Arts (SAPP)
St. Andrew’s College Building, Ground Floor. St. Dominic Road, Bandra 400050.
Mumbai - 400050, Maharashtra, India
What is a character? Is character a figment of the writer's imagination? If it is so, how does an actor become a character? Is it the 'becoming' of an actor that results in the 'being'? If the actor becomes a character, does he/she/they cease to be an actor? What does it take to embrace grief of a character that the actor has never felt in real life? Is acting realistic or dramatic, a blend of the two, or perhaps neither of it? Is stage acting always suppose to be theatrical and for the camera, and is it to be toned down?

Several of these questions haunt the minds of those who are in the field of acting, be it on stage or in films.

Metamorphosis Theatre Inc with the support of St. Andrew's Centre for Philosophy and Performing Arts brings to you 'Acting and Theatre Making'. This course is designed for those who wish to try themselves at acting and experience the catharsis of essaying a role. Metamorphosis Theatre Inc is a Mumbai based theatre company that explores themes like grief, existential crisis, melancholia, mourning, clemency, love, loss and solitude in their plays. For the first time, the company has organized a certificate course on the crossroads of film and theatre for those passionate about acting.

The twelve week, 'Acting and Theatre making' course allows participants to immerse themselves in discovering the craft of acting. There are many schools and methodologies of acting. We, in this experiment, will be more concerned with the idea of 'being' and 'becoming' and therefore locate this project in the realm of exploring consciousness. We will work more with speech, language, body and character development.

Please note that this workshop has limited seats in order to facilitate enriching learning, discussion and outcome. Please register at the earliest.

1) This is a full-time program. Participants must be prepared to make a serious commitment to its completion.

2) This experiment takes on a multi-disciplinary approach using philosophy, performance studies, anthropology, visual arts and film studies.

3) No significant prior experience or knowledge is assumed. The program brings everyone to the same level very quickly, beginning with the fundamentals while also filling in the inevitable gaps in the understanding of those with some prior experience.


The duration of the course is 12 weeks and will cover following topics:

Language Clarity
Discovering your own Voice
Character Development
Body and Text
Emphasis on Lyrical Text
Classic and Modern Play Readings and Analysis
Introduction to French Plays and Playwrights in Translation
Film Reading and Analysis
From Script to Stage (Participants will be engaging with original scripts and performance)
Building Imagination Skills for Writing and Performance

What is the commitment required?

1) To actively participate in all sessions (12 weeks)

2) Resource Material like Essays/Plays/Film links will be provided from a free source and the participants are expected to read the material before the respective session.

3) It is a highly process-oriented course and therefore please avoid skipping sessions.

What's the outcome of the course?

1) This course will result in a theatre production/ Play I which will be staged for about 4 times, all the participants will be absorbed as performers.

2) This course also provides one more opportunity to be part of another theatre production / Play II which will also be staged 4 times, all the participants will be absorbed as performers

3) If you enjoy being with us you can stay associated with out Theatre group for its future endeavours.

Theatre Workshop Fees : 30000

Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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