Acting for Screen - Workshop with Alok Ulfat

From : 15/03/2021 To : 20/03/2021
Start time : 6:00 PM End time : 8:30 AM

Theatre Group : Alok Ulfat Center for Performing Arts
Faculty : Alok Ulfat & Gunjan Sethi
Venue : Your computer
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About the Workshop

Alok Ulfat's psycho-spiritual processes are aimed to inspire the Actor's to charge of their Being by enhancing their core energies and thought processes.

These workshops are an outcome of Alok Ulfat's 30 years' experience of mentoring, directing, performing & Self-seeking in India and abroad. This workshop will be facilitated by Alok Ulfat & Gunjan Sethi.

The aim of the workshop is to empower the participants by helping them explore the source of unrestricted imagination, develop balance of energies and clarity of thought, that will help them produce memorable performances and auditions. The workshop, through Avikal processes (unMethods) dynamically work with participants' perspectives and tendencies to help them create a rich vision.

Focus of the workshop-

- Infinite Individual
- Actor's Alignment
- Imagination
- Voice & Speech
- Storytelling
- Characterisation
- Strengthening Audition skills

What will you Accomplish-

*Understanding Screen Presence
*Preparing & recording for Auditions
*Rich Voice & Speech
*Creative writing
*Decoding Scripts
*Truthful Character

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Theatre Workshop Fees : 5500

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