Alok Ulfat - Online Acting Workshop - Fearless Actor

From : 12/08/2020 To : 01/09/2020
Start time : 6:30 PM End time : 9:00 PM

Theatre Group : Alok Ulfat Center for Performing Arts
Faculty : Alok Ulfat
Venue : Online
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Fearless Actor is a three-week workshop based on 'Alok Ulfat Approach' (technique & method)

About the workshop-

This three-fold Training focuses on:
1. Exploring Biographies with all its elements - A journey into one's deeper self. Building a strong foundation for developing characters and storytelling.
2. Exploring stillness, silence, listening, movement, breath, emotions, voice, speech, creative writing and script.
3. 'Alok Ulfat Approach' - Authentic acting process that enables actors to create truthful and timeless performances.

Preparatory work will include-

1. Freeing oneself from stagnant belief systems and overcome psychological conditioning.
2. Overcome unresolved emotional baggage that hinder the creative process
3. Develop clarity of thought, vision, plan and action
4. Developing the art of self-motivation, self-initiative and uncovering the artist within.
5. Freeing the individuals to choose the external influences that they learn from.
6. Getting the individuals to embrace their so-called inadequacies as originality.
7. Being and becoming responsible for one's own learning.

Elements of Fearless Actor innovative training

1. Art of observation
2. Attentive listening
3. Working with imagination
4. Voice & Speech
5. Storytelling
6. Creative writing
7. Song & Poetry recitation
8. 7 sutras - 'i' principles
9. Understanding epic, lyrical & dramatic text
10. Practice Screen presentation
11. Review & feedback

Takeaways -

* Pure Observation
* Pure Listening
* Power of presence discovered
* Voice and speech exercise routines
* Understanding the given text with various layers
* A self-created filmed monologue
* Creating authentic characters different from yourself
* Hands on experience of screen performance
* The art of Auditioning

About Alok Ulfat-

Alok Ulfat has been teaching acting for stage and screen since 1990, in India and abroad. He has been focusing in creating psycho-spiritual processes for actor training. He creates possibilities for participants to find their own path, processes and unique vision.

He formally studied Speech & Drama and completed his Teacher Training at Emerson College, UK. Later he taught at the National School of Drama (TIE) and Film & Television Institute of India. However, his approach goes beyond his experience of informal teaching & learning goes beyond formal qualifications.
Theatre Workshop Fees : 20000

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