Art of Creating Stories & Folktales - An Online Workshop

From : 07/08/2021 To : 07/08/2021
Start time : 8:00 PM End time : 10:00 PM

Theatre Group : Artkhoj
Faculty : 
Venue : Online
Batch - 8 | 1st - 13th May

Artkhoj along with Vikram Sridhar, brings you an engaging and interactive workshop designed as a personal journey and curiosity towards life, professional work and artistic journey with the stories and frame of the Panchatantra.

From the time we have been relishing stories, the word Panchatantra has always been a part of our vocabulary and references. But over time, wisdom, philosophical and spiritual text find presence and usage only with the children's world. But what has been lost over time is the wisdom it had for all age groups and talks about relationships and human needs in a 5 frame format.

Workshop Format:

The workshop is divided over 7 sessions (alternate days) of 1.5 hours each (might extend depending on the discussions)

Over the 7 sessions:

We will travel the entire text chapter by chapter, story by story and meaning by meaning.

There would be a pre-workshop reading assignment that will be sent to the registered participants a day before the workshop through WhatsApp.

This workshop is an online event and will be conducted through zoom.
Upon successful registration, we will be sharing a link and instructions to join the online workshop 2 days before the workshop.

Why should you attend:

Create a strong bank of stories based on an ancient text and a personal connection.
Create similar stories from scratch in a week based on the Panchatantra framework.
Understand the depth of crafting contemporary folktales.
Peer feedback and continuous support.

What will be covered in the workshop?

Step by step exploration of the Panchatantra stories understanding the birds and animals in the stories from ecological perspectives, social structures and constructs human behavior toward people society and nature.

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