Art of Storytelling Webinar

From : 19/06/2021 To : 19/06/2021
Start time : 6:00 PM End time : 7:30 PM

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Venue : Watch On Zoom
Art of Storytelling Webinar

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THOUSAND THOUGHTS is glad to introduce the most amusing and comprehensive workshop of the month - Art of Storytelling, that aims to make you believe the fact that we all have choices in our whist and simply by changing our life’s metaphor, and create more resonant messages and responses that can completely transform our entire way of being in this world.

Crafting stories in communication create magic by shaping meanings in ways that connect with human emotions and move people to action, making the communication more persuasive since it carries a far deeper underlying message into the listener's consciousness.

Benefits of attending the session:

√ Learn to understand your issues from a wiser perspective and objectively draw solutions and responses by creating a sense of pleasure in finding solutions.
√ Actualize emotional resonance in your personal and professional relationships
√ Master to create an exceptional structure for reframing problems and situations.
√ Making your audience hear an empowering story led to release of an empowering hormone- oxytocin inside their nervous system, the same that is released when you experience trust and kindness
√ Transform opinions & change Minds
√ Be more persuasive and influential
√ Communicate with clarity and confidence.
√ Learning to build influential and empowering stories that can prove to be a powerful catalyst for change and in constructing the blocks of future you want to see.

What you’ll learn:

• Origin of Storytelling

• Benefits of Storytelling

• Where to find Stories

• How to tell Stories

Who should Attend?

√ Coaches & Trainers

√ Teachers

√ Mental Health Professionals

√ Communication & PR Professional

⁣√ Doctors & Therapists

√ Businessmen

√ Business Associates & Managers

√ Psychology Students

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