From : 26/04/2024 To : 03/06/2024
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Theatre Group : Swatantra Theatre
Faculty : Abhijeet Choudhary, Dhanashree Heblikar, Yuwaraj Shah
Venue : Swatantra Theatre,

Pune - 411004, Maharashtra, India

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Children Acting/ Theatre WorkShop

Swatantra Theater's Children Theater Program

As we all know Theater is in itself a strong tool and a powerful medium to bring out the best in one's personality. Theater helps to shed inhibitions and teaches the power of decision making helping to bring confidence.

If Theater is introduced right from a young age, it can prove to be a beneficial skill in the longer run.

At Swatantra we have developed the modules for Children Theater in such a way that we introduce and train Children into the entire horizon of Theater. Acting, writing, Direction, Stage management, Art Direction which involves painting, crafting, creating something new with the coordination of the team towards one goal and also help them to connect with Indian Literature.

We have previously conducted 3D Theater mask Making, Basic Make up sessions too. Theater is surely about exploring these different areas and choosing their area of interest. The by-product of such sessions have been improved concentration, focus and the overcoming the challenges of working in a dynamic team with harmony. Theater is Live but it is also a reflection of life.

Every Child also performs in a professional Stage performance based on the works of an Indian Author. The play making process too is entirely driven by children with the help of expert guidance. And audiences in the past witnessed the magic! Be it ' Turning Pages' based on Sudha Murthy's works or 'Malgudi Days' based on RK Laxman's works, 'Robindra Sansar' on Rabindranath Tagore's works or Dadasaheb Phalke, Sant Tukaram which were biographical plays have stunned the audiences.

Children gain confidence which enables them to become fearless and take on everything as
and when it happens in their life. Theatre develops more self-confidence in social and
educational situations and a commanding presence in everyday life. It enhances capability
to express both onstage and in real life by teaching basic, solid acting skills. Through
exercises, improvisations, monologues and scene work, children :

-Unleash natural performing abilities
-Tackle fear of getting up in front of others
-Tap into creativity and imagination
-Improve vocal quality and resonance
-Sharpen listening skills
- Think more spontaneously on his/her feet
-Release pent up stress

Children will undergo Training followed by a Professional Theater Production. Let us all come together and live the LIVE Art and create the magic of Stage.

# Limited Seats Available

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