BOOK NOOK (10 to 14 Year)

From : 15/05/2022 To : 15/05/2022
Start time : 2:30 PM End time : -

Theatre Group : Prithvi Theater
Faculty : The Broadband Theatre Company & Fable Street
Venue : Juhu Mumbai
BOOK NOOK (10 to 14 Year)
The Wonderful World of Walliams: David Wailliam's books are known for excitement, adventure and drama. Through this workshop, we aim to give students the chance to dive deep into this literary universe and explore different ways of telling stories. The students will be taught some fun-filled Drama Techniques to understand how they can animate the words of the author and apply them in different activities. Let's bring some of David Walliams fantastic works alive, by culminating them into a scripted performance at the end of this 7-day workshop.

Conductor: The Broadband Theatre Company & Fable Street

Theatre Workshop Fees : 6000

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