Children's Theatre Workshop by Abhinay Banker

From : 11/05/2024 To : 25/05/2024
Start time : 9:00 AM End time : 11:30 AM

Theatre Group : Aarambh Arts Academy
Faculty : Abhinay Banker
Venue : Manch for everybody
08 Aashirwad Paras, Opp. AUDA Garden Cross Road, Near Sales India, Prahlad Nagar
Ahmedabad - 380015, Gujarat, India
Children's Theatre Workshop by Abhinay Banker
A 15 days long workshop for kids followed by a drama performance.
Age Group: 7yrs-14yrs.

"Let your child be more imaginative creative and expressive."

This theatre workshop helps children develop their mind body and emotional intelligence through our techniques and methods. Before making your child a good performer they learn to be more social expressive and develop their communication skills.

Explore artistic expression
Kids explore artistic expression of themselves they deep dive into their characters and think of various ways to bring it alive.

Ignites imagination and observation
The games that are played in this workshop ignites imagination and observation abilities and makes a child more creative in life.

Develop Cognitive skills
Drama enables the development of cognitive skills of the child as they are required to understand the instructions given as well as remember them later thus developing perception and memory attention and concentration.

  • helps them gain confidence
  • builds concentration
  • improves communication skills
  • changes perceptions attitude & behavior
  • improves self-esteem develops creativity
  • teaches children to co-operate
  • gives them a sense of achievement

Abhinay Banker’s dynamic nature is apparent in his humility and profound regard for the people and environment around him. He has been dazzling audiences with his versatility as a renowned actor director and writer of Gujarati Cinema and Theatre for more than 15 years.

He has also won Awards for Best Actor for the critically acclaimed drama ‘Kasturba’ in which he played the character of Mahatma Gandhi. Welcome Zindagi Akoopar Samudramanthan CHalta Phirta Bambai Koi Pan EK Phool N Naam Bolo Toh Haji Ek Varta are some of his celebrated plays. He entered into Indian cinema with path-breaking Gujarati feature films Kevi Rite Jaish (2012) and played remarkable characters in Reva (2018) Mijaaj (2017) Manto (2018) Mara Pappa Superhero (2024) etc. He also received Gujarat State Film Award for Dialogue writing for Gujarati film 'Shubhaarambh'.

He pursued his passion and completed his Under Graduation (Gold medalist) and Post-Graduation in Performing Arts in theatre. Since then he has been an unstoppable force delivering exceptional performances and creating history with his abilities. Abhinay is a scholar researcher in dramatic arts and dynamics of acting.

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