From : 07/01/2024 To : 17/01/2024
Start time : 9:00 AM End time : 6:00 PM

Theatre Group : MADMAN AND ME
Faculty : 
Venue : Us Paar Residency Space

Alibag - 402401, Maharashtra, India
A workshop on clowning by embracing all your YOUs.
A 10 day residential workshop on clowning dives deeper into Theatrical clowning.
Letís begin with understanding-

What this workshop offers-
This is a 10-day residential laughter-infused exploration of clowning,
a vibrant form of physical comedy in which humor intertwines with curiosity and whimsy.
The clowning module is designed to provide practical tools and techniques for
participants to explore and develop their skills in clowning and or in acting.
Participants will delve into the world of comedy, exploring elements such as timing,
comedic pacing, and slapstick, also known as physical comedy. Throughout this
intensive residential module, participants will discover the joy of play, the
significance of authentic impulses, the power of Complicite, and the beauty of
embracing failure as a stepping stone to mastery. This journey will foster a
profound connection with clowning through costume play and the harmonious union
of breath and movement. Participants will gain deeper insights into the historical
tapestry of clowning, tracing its evolution from ancient civilizations to contemporary
stages. The process will also help differentiate between traditional clowning and its
theatrical counterpart, where social commentary, satire, and storytelling take center
This experience will gently encourage actors and performers to embrace their
vulnerability, spontaneity, and instinctive responsiveness.
To facilitate this, the workshop will provide a safe space for participants.
By the end of the workshop, participants will emerge with short personalized
performances and a deepened appreciation of the clowning universe.
Ideal for trained and aspiring performers seeking to enhance their clowning skills,
or Acting skills, Yes, this workshop offers a deeper understanding of BEING and this

a transformative journey for all. So, If you're ready to laugh heartily and embrace
the unexpected, then this workshop is for YOU. Join us on this exhilarating journey
into the world of clowning, where the foolish and the authentic collide to create
something truly magical.

Here are few points for a 10 day residential module for clowning :
Clowning and PLAY
Physical Comedy / Slapstick routine
Timing and speed in Physical Comedy.
Authentic Impulse and Complicite
Breathís connection to Movement
Neutral mask activities and Types of clowns
With and without Red nose
Costume and prop play
Application of Tai - chi to Clowning
Generating Clowning Material from Daily Life and Incorporating or creating Text.
Clowning in Films ( Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Jaques Tatti.)
Clowning in Theater Classical and Modern (Shakespear, Beckett and Dario Fo)
Examine Different types of Clowning- Clowns in Religion and in Politics, Clown Healers - Clown doctors, Clinic clowns , Clown without Borders
Practice and Showcase

About The Facilitator
Meet Amruta, India's first recipient of the prestigious 'Julie Goell Eccentric Woman Scholarship' in not one, but two glorious years, 2019 and 2022. She was also a fellow of the 'Rangsetu' Fellowship Maharashtra for 2021-22.

She's so eccentric that she forgets her passwords every 2 days. Yeah!

Anyway, This interdisciplinary artist is a clown, a theater maker, and a dance movement therapy enthusiast. She's been clowning around, studying , researching for around 8 years. 2 years with Clowns without Borders Germany 2016-2018. She even embarked on a wild journey called 'Laughter per Kilometer,' for sex workers' children in Mumbai. Because, you know, who needs miles per gallon when you can have giggles per mile?

With a Masters in Theater, a Graduation in Physical Theater from Greece, and certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Amruta is basically a one-woman circus.

But she's not just about funny noses and big shoes. She's a critical thinker on a mission to break boundaries, whether they're gender, social, cultural, or emotional while making art. She's like a wrecking ball of insight, smashing stereotypes through her art.

As a facilitator, she creates safe spaces where people can push their boundaries, probably while wearing oversized polka-dot pants. Theatrical clowning is what she teaches. So, if you're looking for someone to make you laugh while questioning life's absurdities and learn this art form, Amruta's your gal!

To know more Amruta Mapuskar

Date: 7th January to 17th January 2024
Venue : Us Paar Residency, Kashid, Alibagh, Near Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Best suited for ages 18+
Limited capacity - 12

Theatre Workshop Fees : INR 21000/- To INR 25,500/- (Sliding Scale Fee)

Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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