Developing Creativity: An Actor's Workshop

From : 02/07/2021 To : 02/07/2021
Start time : 10:00 AM End time : 12:00 PM

Faculty : Suveer Bambhani
Venue : Watch On Zoom
Developing Creativity: An Actor's Workshop

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An Actor who wishes to be a "Creative Artist" on stage or in front of the camera must strive for an individualistic interpretation of his roles. If that doesn't happen, an actor merely becomes a director's puppet with a limited showcase of his or her character leaving less or no impact on the audience. This workshop will help growing actors with insights into the the creativity of the actor in a performance, thereby making him or her a unique performer.

Session Details:

Learn ways to be creative as an actor.
Break stereotypical representation of characters and learn Observation as a skill to create the new.
Identify your unique qualities and use them to be the power factors of your performance.
Develop competencies crucial for creative performance.

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