Discover your Monologue (online workshop) with Alok Ulfat

From : 13/10/2020 To : 19/10/2020
Start time : 6:30 PM End time : 9:00 PM

Theatre Group : Alok Ulfat Center for Performing Arts
Faculty : Alok Ulfat
Venue : Video Conference
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'Discovering Your Monologue' - a workshop devised by Alok Ulfat that takes the participants on an exciting journey to create their own Monologue. The process will give you tools, mantras, kriyas to develop your own 'voice & speech'. The aim is to create a wholesome performance by exploring their being.

What will you achieve from the workshop:-

- Discover stillness silence and inner calm

- Strong breath for speech formation

- Tools of effective communication

- Discover the process of developing an impactful voice, rich with variety of textures, depth, warmth and emotions

- Tools for creating a Solo performance

- A self created monologue performance

We'll be focusing on:

- Deep observation, finding questions and re-finding your rooted presence will help to discover unlimited potential

- Reshaping the artist with new physical, imaginative and spiritual strength in the 'now and here'

- Discover the complete approach and principles of bringing black & white words on page (script) to life and perform on the screen

Workshop Tools:

- Presence - Working with energy, vigor with Mind, Body & Spirit in the 'now and here'. Reshaping the artist with new physical, imaginative and spiritual strength

- Breath - knowing the art of breathing

- Active Listening - mastering the nuances of listening

- Voice - Levels, tones, textures and effects

- Speech - Discovering the complete art & science of verbal expression

- Storytelling- Textual and imaginative narration & poetry recitals

- Written & spoken word - From script to a living performance

- Script- Creative writing and creating emotions

- Performance - We will be performing regularly to check our waters and gain spontaneous confidence

- Auditions - Sustaining fearless, calm, imaginative Self for truthful auditions.

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Theatre Workshop Fees : 4000

Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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