Film Appreciation

From : 27/09/2020 To : 27/09/2020
Start time : 4:00 PM End time : 6:00 PM

Theatre Group : White Wall Screenings
Faculty : Namrata Joshi
Venue : Zoom
Mumbai - , Maharashtra, India

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What will you learn?
Is film mere entertainment? Or is it an art form? Or more? Or a sum of all the various parts? The film appreciation workshop will take a multi-pronged look at cinema. It's past, present and future. Its assimilation and amalgamation of various art forms within itself. How do you view a film? What do you look for in images and sounds? Do you see it as a by-product of its times? Is it an apt reflection of society, economy, and politics? How does a filmmaker's gaze come to play? What does it hide and how much does it reveal? We seek to answer all these and many more questions with a set of suggested films and a group reading of them. A participative exercise than talk from the pulpit. A many-sided discussion than a one-sided lecture.
Theatre Workshop Fees : 700

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