FREE Seminar - How to start Acting Career

From : 27/06/2016 To : 27/06/2016
Start time : 12:00 PM End time : 3:00 PM

Theatre Group : JoinFilms
Faculty : Virendra Rathore
144, 145, Kuber Complex, opp. laxmi industrial estate New Link road, Andheri West,
Mumbai - 400053, Maharashtra, India

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Do you want to be a successful actor???
But do not know

How the beginning?
How to find audition information?
How to Avoid Fraud Auditions & People?
What to do to get selected in Auditions?
How to build your own network?
Is it important to have expensive portfolio?
What to do with acting for Survival?
What to do to become a successful actor?
Why good actors would not get selected in Audition?

To get solution for all your problems before starting career in acting or in struggling period. Join for a free problem solving seminar by Filmmaker Virendra Rathore who have 20 yrs. of experience. Enroll Now.

NOTE: Seminar will start sharply at 12 o'clock. No Entry after 12 o'clock. Entry will be First come First basis. Prior registration is mandatory to attend this seminar.
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