Hindi Diction Workshop by the renowned Theatre Artist

From : 31/07/2020 To : 09/08/2020
Start time : 8:00 AM End time : 9:00 AM

Theatre Group : DictionForActors
Faculty : Nitin
Venue : Online
Mumbai - 400059, Maharastra, India

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Hindi Diction Workshop by the renowned Theatre Artist/ Director & Writer. He has performed at various location including Prithvi Theatre and other cities as well.
Course will focus on individual as each person have different problem and it has solution to it.And after identifying we will work rigorous exercise to enhance Hindi speaking required for Acting.Also our session will include Urdu reading to understand proper Hindustani.

Contact us only those student who can follow strict discipline and who has eagerness to learn. Given assignment and exercise have to followed strictly on the same day. This course is just guidance and to show you right path but actual hard work is to be done by student to get the best result.
Theatre Workshop Fees : 8000

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Hindi Diction Workshop by the renowned Theatre Artist

- from October 31, 2020 to December 31, 2020

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