Improv Comedy Workshop

From : 07/06/2020 To : 28/06/2020
Start time : 12:00 PM End time : 12:00 PM

Theatre Group : Improv Comedy Mumbai
Faculty : Ankit Challa
Venue : zoom meeting

mumbai - 400067, maharashtra, India
Improv for beginners ( Online )
Starting from 7 June
Every Sunday 12 PM to 1:30
4 Session & Showcase
Fees - Rs 2000

Workshop details :

Want to learn something that can help the creativity in you to explore and reach its destination??? Then Improv will definitely help you to achieve it. ICM has been conducting workshops for ten years now. Though we will be conducting this online due to current situation. No prior experience required as Improv is for everyone from different walks of life. You could be a doctor, engineer, actor, homemaker, corporate employee and so on. Improv is a life skill that will help you to become aware of the skills which you might be clueless about. Stage fear, anxiety, quick thinking, being in the moment and lastly playfulness are the attributes that will be taught and explored. For further queries DM.

Theatre Workshop Fees : 2000

Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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