Improv comedy workshop

From : 19/03/2023 To : 23/04/2023
Start time : 1:30 PM End time : 3:30 PM

Theatre Group : Improv comedy mumbai
Faculty : Improv comedy mumbai
Venue : title wave bandra

mumbai - 400067, maharashtra, India
An improv comedy workshop teaches the art of improvisation without any prior theater experience required. It's for anyone, including corporate employees, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and more. Participants learn skills such as active listening, collaboration, taking risks, and being present, which are applicable in personal and professional settings. Improv training helps individuals develop better communication skills, enhance their creativity, and build confidence to adapt and respond to unexpected situations.

Starting From 19 March
Timing 1:30 to 3:30 PM
Location Bandra - Title wave
7 Session Every Sunday + Students Showcase
Fees - Rs 9000

We Have last 4 Spots Available

Theatre Workshop Fees : 9000

Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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