iN the Moment- Online Acting workshop with ALok Ulfat

From : 16/04/2021 To : 22/04/2021
Start time : 6:00 PM End time : 8:30 PM

Theatre Group : Alok Ulfat Center for Performing Arts
Faculty : Alok Ulfat
Venue : Zoom Meeting
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iN the moment- a six-day workshop designed and facilitated by ALOK ULFAT takes the participants into a dynamic journey from silence to speech and, discover their own approach of creating majestic characters and a fuller performance.

Focus of the workshop
- Finding the authentic Voice and impactful Speech
- Powerful of Imagination & Interpretation
- Prepare a character and tell stories
- Develop complete presence

What will you Accomplish

Create a monologue, learn to improvise, create dialogues and scenes
Art of breathing fully, deeply and attentively
Learn to listen to silence
Seeing the unseen
The art of cultivating a powerful voice with resonance and variety
Speech that has clarity, resilience, depth and reach
Enriching the senses

About the teacher

Alok Ulfat is an Actor- teacher, actor, poet, writer, director, lyricist, musician, and a cultural worker.

Alok Ulfat is an ex-faculty National School of Drama (TIE) Delhi. He has been credited for designing & 8 years of conducting student selection process for Film & Television Institute of India, Pune.

He is known for his original approach of teaching and experimental practices. A soul seeker and an ardent student of life, art and culture. He has developed his own unique approach of actors' training called 'Avikal Kriya' and Acting for Life' - a psycho-physical-spiritual process for training actors. More than fifty thousand individuals have learnt from his workshops and around two hundred students are well established in the fields of cinema, television and other media.

The list of these students includes Rajkummar Rao, Vijay Varma, Isha Talwar, Harshwardhan Kapoor, Sayani Gupta, Namashi Chakraborty, Nupur Sanon, Amit Dolawat, Rupesh Tillu, Deepal Doshi, Lavanya Tripathi, Zeeshan Ayyub, Amrita Maitra, Anand Gandhi, Vinay Shukla, Gouri Agarwal, Kubra Sait, Amandeep Sidhu, Guneet Singh Sodhi and many more.

Alok is a working actor with experience on cinema, television, OTT platforms and stage. He is a founder of Alok Ulfat Centre for Performing Arts, Nanhi Dunya Rangshala and Avikal Mindful Movies.

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