INFOCUS - A Course in Performance Lighting

From : 07/07/2021 To : 27/07/2021
Start time : - End time : -

Theatre Group : Studio Safdar and Tech Quartet
Faculty : Abhinav Khetarpal and Ankit Pandey
Venue : Zoom
INFOCUS - A Course in Performance Lighting

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INFOCUS - A Course in Performance Lighting, starting JULY 7th. This is an online course.
Attendees will get:
- Exclusive access to 11 specially-created videos in 8 lessons, each of approximately half hour, dealing in detail with all aspects of the theory and practical aspects of handling, setting up, maintaining, and designing lights.
- This will be followed by three masterclasses and two interactive sessions with experts from Tech Quartet.
JULY 7th: Access to videos
JULY 19th: Interactive Session with Tech Quartet
JULY 21st: Master class with Deepa Dharmadhikari
JULY 23rd: Master class with Guru Somayaji
JULY 25th: Master class with Niranjan Gokhale
JULY 27th: Concluding session with Tech Quartet.
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