Lead by Design: A Production Design Workshop

From : 07/12/2023 To : 07/12/2023
Start time : 10:00 AM End time : 1:00 PM

Theatre Group : thespo
Faculty : Meenal Agarwal
Venue : Prithvi House,
20, Juhu Church Rd, Janki Kutir, Juhu
Mumbai - 400049, Maharashtra, India
Lead by Design: A Production Design Workshop
The ability to create an entire universe is a pretty cool superpower to have, right? Welcome to Lead by Design, where we create an entire world by delving into the intricacies of set, costume, and lighting design.

Theatre Workshop Fees : 1200

Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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