Let's Talk Theatre - Little Reviewers!

From : 24/07/2021 To : 24/07/2021
Start time : 4:00 PM End time : 6:00 PM

Theatre Group : Ranga Shankara AHA! 2021 Ancillaries
Faculty : Sujay Saple
Venue : Online
Let's Talk Theatre - Little Reviewers!

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Theatre and the act of watching it can help us understand the world and our place in it. The workshop will provide a fun, informal space for participants to reflect on and talk about the plays they have watched, and openly voice their opinions through a guided process. The sessions are meant for any youngsters who are passionate about theatre – budding actors, writers, directors, reviewers – but no adults allowed!! Through exciting activities and group tasks, participants will be introduced to various new ways of looking at and appreciating a performance. There will be a focus on elements of theatre beyond the story and acting – such as design, lighting, sound, movement, context, relevance, etc – to give them a holistic approach to understanding theatre. Finding the language to share their views uninhibitedly and learning to listen and accept the views of others with an open mind will form the core of the sessions. Participants will be guided beyond simply ‘liking/disliking’, and trained to articulate what aspects of the performance affected them strongly, and why. By understanding their role as ‘active audiences’, by figuring out how meaning-making takes place, and by learning how to offer constructive criticism, participants will be able to form deeper links between the art they watch and the life they live.

Please Note:

Participants should have watched each day’s chosen play in entirety and jotted down their thoughts before coming for that day’s session.

About the Facilitator:

Sujay Saple has been been teaching and working with children since 2006, most regularly with NCPA and Junoon in Mumbai and Ranga Shankara in Bangalore. As a freelance director, teacher, performer and designer, he comes with over eighteen years of experience in the performing arts field, having worked on more than fifty performance projects, touring all over India and internationally. He is Artistic Director of Shapeshift, a dance-theatre company with whom he has directed ten original works which have performed at prestigious venues and festivals and received rave reviews. Sujay was also the official English language speech coach for ‘TED Talks India – Nayi Soch’ in 2019. With his dynamic approach and hi-energy classes, he is regularly invited to conduct workshops for children, students and professionals at various institutions in India. His inspiration comes from working and growing with young people from diverse backgrounds, their imagination and openness.

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