Meisner Technique Acting Class

From : 08/03/2021 To : 10/04/2021
Start time : 10:00 AM End time : 12:00 PM

Theatre Group : Indriyaan Theatre Group
Faculty : Ashwin Agrawal
Venue : Studio 114 Aram Nagar Part 1 Versova
Aram Nagar 1 Versova

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The Meisner Technique is a brick-by-brick process designed to get you out of your head and into your gut. For that to happen, you must learn to put your focus and attention on the most important thing: the other actor. From this very simple principle, Sandy created the Repetition Exercise.
Repetition Connects two actors, heightens listening and develop their instinct and discards protective walls so actor can be utterly truthful when acting.These teachings then combined with objectives, Justification, Emotional Preparation, character work, Relationships & Cold Reading and Scene work creates a foundation where all “acting” is stripped away so that actors will no longer push, force, fake, or act, but instead, work truthfully, moment-to-moment.
1. Repetition
2. Activites & Repetition
3. Repetition/activity/Door Knock & objectives
5.Repetition/ Emotional Exploration through activities ( Opened up activities)
6. Relationships between characters (Improv)
7. First round of scene ( english + Hindi)
8. Emotional Prep and Precipitating Circumstances (Improisation)
9. Improv Scenes
10. Second Round of scene ( Point of view of character)
11. Domestic Exercise
12 Audition Techniques

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