Michael Chekhov Acting Technique Workshop

From : 17/05/2016 To : 02/06/2016
Start time : 1:00 PM End time : 4:00 PM

Theatre Group : Acting Studio Mumbai
Faculty : Ravi Sharma + NSD Alumni
Venue : 960, Sanjay Studio
Near LOTUS Petrol Pump Adarsh Nagar, Andheri West
Mumbai - 400053, Maharashtra, India

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This is a revolutionary and Actor friendly technique, rarely taught in India. It is being practiced by the best of Hollywood Actors till today. Once this technique is well studied and excercised, it furnishes the actor with shortest ways for satisfying the demands made upon the actor for instant results because of deadline cliches. And if well practiced, it is simple for the actor to call forth truthful emotions within seconds. The actor always remains spontaneous and creative.

Main Features of the Workshop.
Action and Justification
Internal Action and Impulse
Imagination Concentration Observation Rhythm
Psychological gesture and its practical application
Physical- psychological excercises
Centre of Impulse
Characterization and Incorporation
Imaginary time and space
Creating an Imaginary body and learning to inhabit it
Voice Speech and Diction
Scene Work and Scene Analysis
How to Audition for TV and Film
Solo and Ensemble Performance
Theatre Workshop Fees : 15000

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