Micro Budget Film Making

From : 20/09/2020 To : 20/09/2020
Start time : 5:00 PM End time : 7:00 PM

Theatre Group : White Wall Screenings
Faculty : Yashasvi Juyal
Venue : Zoom
Mumbai - 400058, Maharashtra, India

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What will you learn?
The core of what filmmaking is that it has always been there to entertain people with different audio and visual sources along with some cinematic techniques and professionals. This entertainment has evolved from different phases and now it is revolutionized to a completely new picture of streaming, television, and film industry.
There was a time when people watched silent and unvoiced, dialogue fewer movies; then came an era where there were black and white movies. And now we all watch colorful movies with songs and visual effects, even 3D, animated movies and the future VR (virtual reality) projects are also being made nowadays.
Apart from films, which are made nowadays on highly based techniques and modern resources, there are some other kinds of films that do exist too. These are independent or indie films which do not need any specific studio to produce the movie, they really donít care or are concerned with tent poles, or mega-budget studio films. They want control to tell their own story.
Indie films have more of a clear voice from the filmmaker. Thereís no interference for studio executives or higher-ups, the filmmakerís vision is whatís up on the screen. These films tend to be more naturalistic, from dialogues to gestures and even seem a bit rawer than your regular and polished studio films.
Indie films are not trying to reach the widest audience they can, they live in the niche. Because these films are realistic and tell more intimate and personal stories, they donít hire actors rather they work with real common people to deliver undecided dialogues (improv), so as to give natural performances. These films are mostly shot on locations and not on a studio backlot.
So what if you as a filmmaker had no money, didnít know any professional actors, and only wanted to tell the story you wanted to tell, the film movement would be looking for Mumblecore or for the scope of this workshop let's call it Micro Budget Filmmaking!
Key Chapters:
Understanding/reading an image
Finding your story
From Pre to Post
from post to screen
Theatre Workshop Fees : 500

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