Mixed Media: Collage Workshop for Kids (8 years -12 years)

From : 05/05/2019 To : 05/05/2019
Start time : 11:00 AM End time : 1:00 PM

Theatre Group : Rangaai Theatre Company
Faculty : Tushar Dalvi
Venue : Hybrid Fitness
Rangbhoomi, bungalow 34, SVP nagar, MAHADA four bungalows, Andheri west,
Mumbai - 400053, Maharashtra, India

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This workshop aims to bring your art and illustrations to life with the power of imagination and out of box thinking.
COLLAGE is not just limited to a paper mosaic art but a lot more than that including marbles, stones, camera reel, wool thread and other different materials with varied textures and qualities.
Collection and usage of the materials of varied textures, colors, and patterns develop the sensibility in children to respond aptly and sensitively to their milieu. This ultimately helps them see more than just a building and make them think that there is much more beyond the basic structure they have been seeing, that there is a complex relationship of rough, smooth, and shiny surfaces. They may then be able to further imply and relate this imagination in other things as well like a tree which has a relationship of textures; the rough indented bark and the hard branches contrasting with the smooth or soft leaves.


Collage making teaches a child to observe and see beauty in ordinary things and to develop imagination by thinking of the ways and possibilities of using simple materials for the expression of art. Selection of material for collage not only excites children but also helps them to make their own independent choices.

Hence this workshop will trace the same path of exploring imagination and creativity which will help children to develop decision making and instill patience. Also, every color has an emotion and value of its own and is very much important for day to day life as well. Participants will be able to analyze this importance and imply in their routine life. Children will be allowed to open the creative window of their mind and make the art using the material brought by them and the material provided to them at the venue without using any reference and following their own thoughts. Also, it will make this complex element of colors very easy to tackle. The effective use of colors will enhance the beauty of their thoughts.

Finally, they will witness the magic of creation of masterpieces simply with the help of random materials. They will also be allowed and taught to present the work they have created which will help them in developing a sense of presence as well.
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