Monologue Club

From : 06/02/2022 To : 27/02/2022
Start time : 7:00 PM End time : 9:30 PM

Faculty : Ashwin Agrawal
Venue : zoom online
Monologue Club
A compelling monologue invites the audience into a new reality and gives them clues about the character and the story. This requires the full and vivid imagination of the actor, applied in a short piece. Monologue classes can help actors do this well. Researching the historical, psychological, and emotional aspects of a role is essential. You must also look for aspirational details. How can a piece be played with new layers of complexity, or an unexpected, beautiful new twist? Many monologues fall flat because the character doesnít go through something, or change or grow. In monologue classes, actors prepare compelling pieces that will highlight their strengths. Serious actors should have at least two contrasting monologues, audition scripts that highlight their versatility. Having seven to ten is even better. When auditioning, if what you have prepared is not what the decision-makers are looking for, they may ask if you have anything else prepared. Of course, the answer should be yes. Developing several monologues is hard work, but if it puts you ahead of hundreds of other actors who havenít done their homework, itís well worth it.

A good monologue is hard to find and even harder to master. In this class, weíll help you identify your strengths as an actor and guide you into finding monologue material that highlights those strengths. It begins with hours and hours of research, as you watch well-written film and tv work, and pore over plays and playwrights
We work with our students to create individual monologues and unique audition techniques that suit them. A monologue must allow for spontaneity of thought and have a sense of discovery, and a personal circumstance that people can relate to. Students in our monologue class learn about actions, line intention, and how to use imagination to create a relationship while working solo.

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