Nautanki Jodi Jr.- Theatre for Parenting Workshop (6to12yrs)

From : 30/05/2018 To : 30/05/2018
Start time : 11:00 AM End time : 1:00 PM

Theatre Group : Rangaai Theatre company
Faculty : Rangaai Theatre Company's facilitator
Venue : Hybrid fitness
Rangbhoomi, bungalow 34, SVP nagar MAHADA four bungalows, Andheri west
Mumbai - Maharashtra, Maharashtra, India

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Nautanki Jodi: Theatre for Parenting
Is a theatre based workshop that aims to develop and improve the connection between the parents and the children.
This will be achieved by exploring:
Open dialogue
Inner child
Group Tasks
Team Work

Activities will include:
Theatre games and exercise
Playback theatre
Playback theatre
Object theatre
Story writing
Prop Building

What does the workshop intend to develop?

Create memories: Build memories that will help develop a bond between you and your kid
Team up: Fun activities to team up with your kid and become a kid again
Become their best friend: A true beginning of a friendship with your kid
It seeks to reduce the gap between the generation by opening up a dialogue with their
growing teens
Develops a soul connection between the parent and their kid
Provides both parents and their children a safe space to confront each other; engage at
intimate level and have meaning full conversations.
This will help the parents to find their inner child, become a kid while playing along with their
own kid
Will also help them realize and appreciate the imagination and creative energies of their kids
and not just burdening their young ones with their own demands
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