Nautankishala - A Summer camp for kids

From : 22/04/2019 To : 04/05/2019
Start time : 4:00 PM End time : 6:00 PM

Theatre Group : Five Senses Theatre
Faculty : NSD Faculties
Venue : 577, Five Senses theatre Studio
Beside Masjid, OPP.HP Petrol Pump Tarapur Chowk, Adarshnagar, Lokhandwala Landmark- Mark & Spencer, Andheri West
Mumbai - 400053, Maharastra, India

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1. Develop Creativity
Creativity is developed through role play, drama, mime, improvisation.

2. Develop Communication Skills
Through role play etc., general conversation and observation the child’s awareness and demonstration of, important concepts –such as eye contact, turn making, verbal and non-verbal communication, social skill, interpersonal skills, and areas of need are again discreetly targeted.

3. Refine and polish verbal/non-verbal communication skills
The aim is not to change your child’s dialect, it is fundamental part of their identity, my aim is to polish/equip your children with the necessary techniques to speak clearly and eloquently. Again role play is used to explore the importance of articulation, diction, clarity.

4. Creative Thinking
Every child is born with the gift of imagination and inventiveness. Its potential just needs to be tapped at the opportune time, and channeled in the right direction. Through Imagination exercises Kids will build and write their own stories through Images, Objects, music, observation etc.

Intellectual – increase in skills such as problem solving, negotiating, creativity, organizing and planning, retelling familiar stories, application of newly gained knowledge, and mathematics

Physical – increase in skills such as gross and fin motor development, fitness, strength, and coordination

Social – development of skills such as sharing, taking turns, cooperation, negotiation, impulse control, delay gratification, and deal with disappointment

Emotional – increase in self-esteem, pride and accomplishment, feeling of safety and protection, development of sense of self and individuality, and feeling.

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