OBSTACLE- (hurdles that make it difficult to achieve your objective as an Actor & for overall growth of an Actor)

From : 03/06/2023 To : 04/06/2023
Start time : 7:30 PM End time : 9:30 PM

Faculty : 
Filmcity Road Goregaon East

(Hurdles that make it difficult to achieve your objective as an Actor & for overall growth of an Actor)

Acting: Many people want to pursue career in acting, however over and above to Talent, Preparation, Luck, and Fame, there are many nuisances and roadblocks in our acting career that hamper the required attention from our goal.

What are the other factors that have an impact on us, and how can we work on them to last long in this field?

This is what the "OBSTACLE" session is all about!

I truly feel that this is one of the most crucial subjects, wherein the actor gets to work upon his strengths & weaknesses. My aim is just to help you in understanding the various obstacles.
that limits the actor to grow further, which appears to be an eye opener. I will try to guide you overcoming your obstacles, based as per my observations, research & years of experience in the field.

-Anshu Bhatacharji

Actor | Acting Coach | Director | Founder President
Cadence Theatre Mumbai


Obstacle session is not just a theatre session it is a life coaching session.

In obstacles, we learn what stops an actor to be among the 2% achievers, Thank you Anshu sir for this session.

Best take away was I am God's unique creation; I need to be my own benchmark and consistently strive to outperform myself not just on stage but in life in its entirety.

This particular session motivated me and also helped in boosting my confidence level.

We also learnt that it doesn't matter what you look outside its what you look on inside counts.
I am very grateful to our loving Anshu Sir, it was an wonderful, knowledgeable session.

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