One Month Production Oriented Weekend Workshop In Mumbai

From : 20/09/2023 To : 20/09/2023
Start time : 5:00 PM End time : 7:00 PM

Theatre Group : Junaid Kaifi
Faculty : Junaid Kaifi
Venue : 72/7 Aram nagar

mumbai - 400061, Maharashtra, India
One Month Production Oriented Weekend Workshop In Mumbai
About The Director:-
Junaid Kaifi is a Theatre actor and director currently working for a feature film in the Hindi film industry.

He has made his serious presence in more than 20 plays. He has been actively doing theatre from the last 14 years and has directed many critically acclaimed plays like LOVE KA OVERDOSE, THE ENEMY, GENUINE LIERS, DOOSRA ADHYAY, SHYAM-E-MANTO etc. He is known for his performances in plays like A STRAIGHT PROPOSAL, KATHPUTLLIAN, SURAJ KA SATWAN GHODA and SALAAM BOMBAY.

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