Prarambh - A 40 Day Theatre & Acting Workshop

From : 01/08/2021 To : 01/08/2021
Start time : 7:00 AM End time : 9:00 AM

Theatre Group : KISSAGO Theatre
Faculty : Jay Jha, Shailja Chaturvedi
Venue : Rangbhoomi Spaces : Hyderabad

Hyderabad - 500032, Telangana, India
Prarambh - A 40 Day Theatre & Acting Workshop
Have you ever felt something inside pushing you to be more? That inner voice questioning if this is enough? Those thoughts and those dreams going all haywire?

If yes, then its time you explored the real self and started channeling those thoughts, that energy inside to be everything by being just you.

Yes we at KissaGo are conducting a Theatre Workshop for all those who want to channel their emotions or that crazy energy into right place. let`s together be at a place which provides the immediate gratification, a place which challenges how we think or function and encourages us to fantasize about the world we want to live in.

Let us all Prarambh!

You will learn:

Stage Techniques and basics

Acting techniques

Voice training and exercises

Warm-up games

Body language, posture, facial expressions & gestures.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication


Body Movement

Physical exercises to improve body awareness & body control

Theatre Workshop Fees : 12000

Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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