Production Oriented Acting Workshop

From : 11/08/2019 To : 11/10/2019
Start time : 9:00 AM End time : 12:00 PM

Theatre Group : Indriyaan Theatre Group
Faculty : Ashwin Sir
Venue : The nest Studio 114 Aram Nagar 1
Aram Nagar 1 VERSOVA
Mumbai - 400053, Maharashtra, India

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Eric Morris System
*Sense of Being
*Emotional Blocks
*Physical Blocks
*Sense Memory
*Choices & Choice Approaches
*Mind Obstacles
*Voice Work
*Obligation of Scripts and how to fullfill them
*Tapping in your inner child & Subconcious
*Sense Memory Checklist

Stephen Book Technique
*Physical doing
*Relationship building
*Location Focus
*Inner Doing
*Acting for Camera
*Subtext ( Offstage Past , Present, Future)
* Character Making using Animals, Reformed bodies in Space, Energy Centre
*Physicalizing Emotions
*Scene Study with purpose of Scene
*Monologues and Purpose of Scene
*Auditioning Techniques
Theatre Workshop Fees : 30000

Important Note : Mumbai Theatre Guide takes no responsibility for outcome of theatre workshops. Interested participants may attend them at their own discretion.

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