Production Oriented Acting Workshop

From : 01/02/2023 To : 15/03/2023
Start time : 5:00 PM End time : 7:00 PM

Theatre Group : The Optimists Theater Group
Faculty : Saurabh Mishra
Venue : Lensgo Studio, Goregaon West Mumbai

Mumbai - 400104, Maharashtra, India
Production Oriented Acting Workshop
About the workshop-
The primary focus of this workshop is to introduce the actors the various techniques or approach towards acting. The actors would perform a play at the end of the workshop before the live audience in the theater of Mumbai to execute their learning. Following would be the primary content of the workshop-

*Acting is doing- In this exercise, Actors would understand what "Doing" is by going through many tasks by not acting but simply doing. Sound simple but really difficult.

*Building a character- This approach would focus on the elements that would help the actors to build any character from the scratch.

*Voice and Acting- Actors would learn by observing, how voice play a very crucial role in the process of acting through various voice exercises.

*Behavior is everything- In acting, one of the most powerful medium to deliver any characters thought is the behavior. Actors would learn what would happen, when the stop acting and start behaving in any given scene.

Art or Craft? - Actors would understand which one is better, Art or Craft and also the difference between the two in acting by actually experiencing the both themselves.

*Improv- A very strong means to develop one's imagination and spontaneity that would help the actors to face and deal with any unforeseen situation during the performance.

*Listening- Actors would learn one of the most important elements of acting and how does it work in bringing out the performance as real as it can be.

*Scene work from plays- Actors would work on the scene work from different plays in Hindi and English.

*Imagine before doing- Actors would do exercises to develop and work on their imagination and would understand how important it is to imagine before doing anything.

*Control your body- To controls one's body on stage or before the camera is something very important and how to do it? Actors would learn in this workshop.

*Emotional Memory- The use of emotional memory. Our mind is said to be the bank of emotions and actors can withdraw any emotions from their emotional memory to bring the emotion required in the scene.

*Different Techniques- In acting, knowing the techniques is very important. Just like in any profession, skills and techniques is required, in acting also knowing the skills and techniques and also how to access them is very much important.

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